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| October 19, 2019

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British Airsoft Club - The Great Airsoft Con

British Airsoft Con. Formerly, Club.
Kieran Boardman

UPDATE: The British Airsoft Club has now made a public announcement regarding the issue.

Their post on Facebook states:

It has been brought to our attention that a member of UKARA has falsified their player self check in an attempt to become a member of the BAC.

The BAC policy was to accept existing UKARA members into the BAC by the member forwarding their own UKARA player self check email. We did not think for one moment that an existing UKARA member would doctor their legitimate e-mail to create a false identity in order to attack the credibility of BAC. The whole idea of the player self check was to enable the easy transfer of existing registered UKARA players to the BAC.

We have found that 99% of airsofters are honest and honourable, however this incident has identified the 1% that are dishonest and unscrupulous. Therefore we have modified our practice accordingly.

95% of existing BAC members have been identified through our stringent checks via direct contact with the airsoft sites verifying games played.

We regret to say that going forward, we no longer be able to accept existing UKARA players via their player self check e-mail. This is to prevent any further attempted security breeches. All players will need to identify the last three games played over a period of time greater than 56 days. This will then be verified by the BAC via direct contact with the airsoft site. This should now prevent any other dishonest parties trying to infiltrate and discredit the BAC.

We thank the BAC members for their continued support.

Best wishes,

I suppose you can’t fault them for changing things but they were warned of this by several parties – you simply cannot create a legal defence system based on trust. It took clear abuse of their system to the point it made them look silly and showed that they cannot indeed check as they claimed, to change their policy.


We’ve voiced our concerns to the BAC and our concerns and issues were never addressed which is why we think this is somewhat just.

The British Airsoft Club is charging over £7 a year for a membership of which ‘proves’ you are a genuine skirmisher which should then provide you a defense to show retailers and allow you to buy RIFs under the VCRA. They initially sold their scheme to people on false pretenses and have received a lot of flack for it – they make a profit from running this scheme.

Someone has today proved that their member application ‘checks’ are a complete con. In fact the information provided that should have been checked against current records were so obvious that it should have flagged it up with 100% accuracy – we doubt they even have such systems in place. nevermind the ability to do it manually.

AFUK member Qlimax noticed that his membership was approved very quickly and became suspicious so he decided to test their ‘checks’ and created another application but this time it was fake. Meet Sarah.



Sarah likes Horticulture, Mojitos, walks along the beach and guns. To attest to how much she likes guns Qlimax created a fake UKARA self check email and sent that to the British Airsoft Club administrator Hayley.

From: Sarah Bartlett <>
Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Subject: Database – Player Self Check Sarah Bartlett

Hi Hayley

please see below my Ukara email. If this is all ok and my membership is accepted please confirm and I will pay my subscription.


Sarah x

Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Subject: UKARA Online Database – Player Self Check
Subject: UKARA Online Database – Player Self Check

UKARA Online Database – Player Self Check

You have requested the details which are currently stored on the UKARA Online Database:

Player Number:OAC00705
Expiry Date:27/05/2015
Player Name:Sarah Bartlett
Post Code:CW81EF
Date of Birth:01/08/1982

Skirmish Site:Okami Airsoft Club

IMPORTANT! Please read the following information carefully:

This is the information which is held on the UKARA database at this moment in time.

If your membership has expired you will not be able to make any purchases.

If your Skirmish Site has not updated its Insurance details or if they have been suspended, then you will not be able to make any purchases. You should contact your Site and ask them to get their information updated.

Renewals are handle by your site

The number we use is a player site membership number and UKARA only store this number to make purchase easier using UK suppliers registered with the UKARA system.

Please note UKARA system only records player site membership numbers, there is no UKARA license, the VCR bill governs the sale of RIFS, Membership numbers are issued by sites and sites control the annual renewal of membership

Sites cannot add players to the system this can only be done by UKARA retailers, Players should make a copy of their registration application form but send the original to a UKARA retailer

System Details
Date/Time:28 May 2014 08:31:51
IP Address:
Email Client:JMail V4.4

The next email is what worries us as it proves that no checks were performed. Here’s why; Okami Airsoft hasn’t been active for over a year and as such isn’t a UKARA registered site anymore – apparently Okami Airsoft hasn’t been a registered UKARA site for over two years. It goes without saying this kind of information isn’t checked as they say it should be because they have no means of doing so.

From: <>
Date: Friday, May 30, 2014
Subject: Sarah Bartlett
To: Sarah Bartlett <>

Hi Sarah,

Yes I did pick up your message!  Sorry, I was out yesterday evening.  Yes all okay with your UKARA, so feel free to subscribe whenever you wish and I can activate your account and send out your membership card.  Welcome to the BAC!

Best wishes,


> Hi Hayley
> I just wanted to check you received my email yesterday and that all is ok?
> Tar

Here we have it – a made up membership to enable the easy purchase of replica imitation firearms without ever setting foot on a skirmish field. All it cost was a few emails, a Google image search for a pretty blonde and a little less than a tenner. We expressed our fears to the BAC and we were ignored. While unrelated; Qlimax thought he’d test their system and it shows that it’s just not good enough and all they are interested in; is your money. Our point has been made.