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| February 24, 2019

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Starting Airsoft

July 10, 2013 |

So you’ve decided Airsoft is the sport/hobby for you, well firstly congratulations and welcome! If you’ve stumbled upon this and you’re wondering what Airsoft is then let me tell you. Airsoft is an honour based combat simulation sport, born in … Read More

Airsoft Sniper: How To Paint the Rifle

July 10, 2013 |

Now for the weekend session where budding airsoft snipers get to learn something new and for other airsoft players to know about too. Airsoft Sniper takes a KJ Works M700 airsoft sniper rifle which fires at 400fps at 0.4BBs and shows you … Read More

How to Corner and Use Cover Effectively

July 9, 2013 |

Navy veteran Jet takes us through the basics of airsoft gameplay – cornering and cover. This video was recorded at SC Village and Tac City Fullerton in Southern California.

Read More

Does Cheap Always Mean Nasty with AEGs?

July 9, 2013 |

Times are still hard for a lot of people; is paying that extra £100-£200 really worth your while?

I’m going to begin with a finisher – It’s all subjective and depends on what you need but more importantly it depends … Read More