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| October 19, 2019

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Review: ACM Fortis Shift Grips

September 30, 2015 |

If there is a US manufacturer that stands above the rest for well thought out and unique looking accessories, it has to be Fortis, and of course the companies in the far east that supply us with clones of these … Read More

Review: WE Luger P08 4″

January 4, 2015 |

The Parabellum Pistole 1908, or P08 for short is iconic. Widely known as the Luger for it’s inventor Georg Luger, I first came across this piece of firearm history whilst playing Call of Duty aged 12.

Low on ammo, … Read More

REVIEW: WE M&P9 / Big Bird / Toucan

October 18, 2014 |

Granted it has been out a little while now -long enough for a second revision unbelievably- but we actually have a lot to say about this pistol so without further ado – let’s get it on.

It is worth … Read More

Review: ASG Scorpion Evo 3a1

August 30, 2014 |

If ever there was a gun that was ridiculously hyped up, this was it. Well, so is the GHK M4, but we’ll get to that when we get hold of one!!

My team – Shadow Stalkers Airsoft – were lent … Read More

REVIEW: Defcon5 Multiland SAS Smock

June 20, 2014 | 101

For a while now my team (Shadow Stalkers Airsoft Team) has used Vegetato camouflage, primarily for these reasons:

  1. It is incredibly effective at the sites we play at
  2. It is rather distinctive, and very few airsofters seem to use … Read More

Black Hills Airsoft – May 3rd

May 5, 2014 |






Situated in Spring Wood, Chesterfield, this gigantic site has loads to offer. Whether it’s hiding in a ditch and springing an ambush or crawling through the undergrowth to get a better shot on the enemy, … Read More

REVIEW: Bulldog Molle Webbing Set

April 7, 2014 |

UKMCPro were kind enough to send us this rather fantastic piece of kit to review (and to subsequently give away).

In a world where most airsofters (myself included) use  chest rigs and plate carriers, it is rare to see … Read More

REVIEW: Raptor MTP Gloves

January 20, 2014 |

Army Surplus and Toys wanted to show us something and we are glad they did. We have always been fans of affordable gear and bargains – this is one of those.

The MTP Raptors are made with extremely lightweight … Read More

Review: ProWin M4/AR15 Hop Unit

January 19, 2014 |

There are many hop units for M4 users to choose from. They range from outlandishly expensive (prometheus strike chamber) to questionably cheap (some of the cheaper ACM brands).

Most of them use the standard three gears design. At the time … Read More

REVIEW: FAB Defense Gear – PTK and VTS

November 26, 2013 |

In any hobby there are things which divide hobbyists into opposing camps, and in airsoft it’s safe to say that the thumb forward elbow out shooting stance is one of these. Much publicised by Magpul with the invention of their … Read More