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| November 12, 2019

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Magpul PTS Line Discontinued

Magpul PTS’ Full Line to be DISCONTINUED
Kieran Boardman

Well, as the title says, magpul have decided to discontinue ALL of their PTS Range. You may be thinking ‘so, what’s wrong with that?’ Well, it means;

  • No more PMAG’s or EMAG’s
  • No more snazzy foregrips or pistol grips
  • No more magpul stocks
  • No more MOE grips, trigger guards, grips or hand guards
  • And no more PTS Masada’s

By this point, you may be pretty upset, maybe even beginning to shed a tear? Well you’ve every reason to. You may also be thinking, ‘What is this? Who is this guy trying to tell us our beloved Magpul range is to be discontinued!? It cannot be true!’ Well, I’m afraid, it is and it has come from good authority. One condolence us Airsofter’s could draw from this though is; Chinese clones. Now you may be thinking, ‘what’s that got to do with anything?’ Well if you have ever purchased anything Magpul before you may have noticed all the cheap clones out there on the market. The thing is, they may not be genuine Magpul, nor even licensed by Magpul, but do they do the job? Some would argue they do. When it comes to Airsoft requirements most Chinese clones do the job. So is this the way forward or do we sit and mourn over the loss of our dear Magpul PTS range?