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| August 24, 2019

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G&G Gen 3 Range

NEW: G&G Gen 3 Range
Kieran Boardman

Yes, as the title says, they’re here, the new Gen 3 Range by G&G. But, I hear you ask, what’s new? What’s different? Why should we purchase this newly hatched creature? Well, let’s take a look shall we?


First thing you notice when reading about the Gen 3 Models is the 6.03 Tightbore inner barrel, but wait a minute, didn’t the Gen 2 version have this too?

Second thing you notice is the High Torque Motor, and ‘Thicker, More Efficient Wiring’ That’s new isn’t it? No. All the Gen 2 models are also advertised as having “16AWG silver-plated copper for dramatically increased current delivery capacity” and “a super high torque motor” well, nothing new there then.

Moving on you may notice the Gen 3 Versions have a “Pre-Installed Active Breaking Mosfet” is that new too, I hear you cry? Yes, yes it is. The Gen 3 Models all come with a pre-installed mosfet to prevent electrical arcing and increase the life of the gun.

Now the question you must ask yourself is, is it worth it? Would you simply buy a Gen 2 model and install a mosfet yourself, or is it worth the extra money, to have one pre-fitted for you?

You decide.



  1. Dave Miller

    Personally I’d buy a Gen 2 and install the mosfet myself! If it’s got a decent (read neo magnet) high torque motor it shouldn’t need active braking 🙂

    • Kieran Boardman

      Agreed Dave. Though for newer player who don’t know how to fit a MOSFET I suppose it’s worth it, but then you do think what would a completely new player be buying a £200 + Gun for straight off.

  2. Leon Roy

    I don’t know what to think now. I kinda want one, but do I need one? I’ve been putting off installing a Mosfet because I’m not overly confident about soldering which is rather weird because I’m not bad. Plus I thought if the contacts burn out I will just spend £5 and replace them…

    • Kieran Boardman

      What gun do you have at the minute Leon?

      • Leon Roy

        G&G CM16 mate, still stock.