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| October 19, 2019

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UPDATE: ICS TransforM4 Arriving Soon -

Kieran Boardman

UPDATE: ICS is set to release their first models in their new Transform4 line really soon and they look pretty darn sweet.

Two models; the CXP-UK1 and the CXP-UK1R. Both of these models are identical apart from barrel and rail length but what they do feature is their new Electric Blow Back within their renowned split gearbox design.

They’re boasting free wristbands with limited amount of models which is obviously a very big selling point as we know that any rifle without matching wristband is no rifle at all. In all seriousness if they are able to keep their estimated price point over here in the UK then they will be giving WE a good run for their money! Plenty of eye candy below.

TransforM4_series_EDM_Page_1 CXP-UK1-features







ICS recently announced the release of their ew TransforM4 at Shot Show2014! Check it out!

It features free float rail system, similar to that of the WE Katana Raptor which can store up to an 11.1v lipo. Like most M4’s it has a six position padded stock and it compatible with the majority of major M4 type magazines.


One of the most interesting features of this gun is the integrated safety selector and spring release. This means you can simply turn the fire selector to safe and the tension of the spring will automatically be released, so no more firing off a few rounds on semi, and less FPS decrease!

The ICS TransforM4 has the traditional split gearbox but the electric blowback system is slightly different in that there’s less strain on the gearbox and therefore a decreased chance of breakages. This rifle also has a built in lower receiver pin that makes for easy disassembly for barrel upgrades, gearbox maintenance etc.

One final thing to note about this gun is that it comes with a 300 round hi-cap TMAG and is set to hit the stores around march, coming in at £244 ($400)

Credit goes to Airsoft Medicine