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| November 12, 2019

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PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM)

NEW: PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM)
Leon Roy

I’ve been fairly interested to see what PTS would come up with since their recent divorce with Magpul and it looks like my interest has been well rewarded. As most of you will know Magpul decided to drop out of the Airsoft game because of it’s popularity with Chinese manufacturers that aren’t subject to their US/EU patents and copyrights.


It obviously left PTS in a little bit of a pickle however it’s clear that they have been hard at work. You will be forgiven for thinking this is a PMAG – even the PTS Rep made the mistake of calling it a PMAG at Shot Show on camera!

Jokes aside, they have made their own airsoft focussed rendition and listened to customer feedback which is what we like to hear. They’ve redesigned the internals without pushing it to the very max; which they say means they have produced a very reliable magazine however they have managed to increase it’s capacity to 150 rounds. It also features a ‘follower’ of sorts in the mag window which allows you to see the approximate capacity whilst in use!

Some of you may know that previous to now a lot of polymer magazines and grooves and nubs in places and specifically around the magwell guide and that they can get caught going in and out of quick-release and taco pouches. To remedy this issue they have designed the magazine with an ‘anti-snag’, smooth magwell guide.


The magazine body is recessed a little for a better ‘beer can grip’ and the base includes a rubberised pad for added grip. One of the finer, rather intelligent additions include a ‘finger tab’ which allows you extra leverage to pull the magazine out easier; this means no ghetto pull string/tape mods and no Magpuls required.

They are deemed compatible with all v2 AEGs but also including the 416 platform such as VFC’s which is a huge bonus. There is obviously a lot of thought and design gone into this one and I wouldn’t be surprised if you expected the price to be high. I can confirm that PTS have said they will be priced the same as their previous PMAGs – so what do you think?




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