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| February 24, 2019

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WE Glock Magazines CO2

NEW: WE Glock CO2 Mags
Kieran Boardman

That’s right, the WE Glock CO2 mags are now available in the UK. They’ve only been released for a month or so no, but we finally have a UK Supplier!

The question we must ask ourselves though, is how will us Glock enthusiasts benefit from this release. Despite our guns now being usable in cold weather, and possibly more efficient. Will these new CO2 mags cause any excess damage to our guns, rendering them useless in the long run?

Considering the fact that the advertised FPS is only around 300 the answer to that question may be no. Hopefully these mags give out gas at the same pressure, and fire the BB at the same power. Meaning no excess strain on the gun. Let us hope that these are not such a disappointment as the KWA/KSC RA-Tech attempt at a Glock CO2 Magazine, and on the basis that these mags work, they could be a real asset to us all-weather Airsofters!

But why would I spend money on CO2 Capsules when I could use Green gas? Well it’s your decision really, do you stick with warm weather only green gas mags? Or will you take a chance and invest in this latest advance in the Airsoft world.

WE Glock CO2 Magazines