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| November 12, 2019

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NEWS: Krytac – Official Kriss Arms Airsoft Division -

NEWS: Krytac – Official Kriss Arms Airsoft Division
Leon Roy

Today Kriss Arms publically announced their own airsoft and training weapon division, ‘Krytac’.

There isn’t a great deal to go on at the moment other than their Facebook page went live today, however they did unveil their brand new ‘Trident’ line of AEGs with Allen Lau (ex-KWA USA) as their representative at a “secret location”. Now obviously, some people’s boredom alarms will be sounding whilst others may very well be rather looking forward to the release or at least more information (see: price) of the models as they are certainly unique in terms of looks. The AEGs will be replicas of their current real steel range including those of their other divisions such as Sphinx.


Alan says “we hope to get them to market in April” and promises unique features, not seen in airsoft before”. It’s a rather bold claim but with ‘uniqueness’ usually comes proprietary parts which means a lack of compatibility and a price hike but we will find out more soon. The IWA Outdoor and Classics 2014 Expo in Germany will be their official launch of which they will release details about their range! Personally very excited about some of these.


Credit goes to Airsoft Medicine.



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