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| October 19, 2019

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Ohshibooms deemed unsafe? -

Ohshibooms deemed unsafe?
Leon Roy

It’s been discovered that Ohshibooms can go off with the pin securely in place – as in pulling the pin isn’t necessary. It seems dropping the impact grenade from a small height of 12 inches onto a hard surface is enough for it to detonate. This might not be entirely surprising to some but others have reported them going off within pouches when diving on the deck.

We’d certainly like to see how other brands of impact grenades compare with this basic test now. However our team members have confirmed that their TRMRs do not suffer from the same issue but the Ohshibooms detonate every time when dropped from a height as small as 10-12 inches with the pin firmly in place.

A fellow Airsofter, Russel Swallow, managed to get a few replies direct from the guys behind the Ohshiboom:

Hi Russell, Q here, the BFG has a floating firing pin in it, which is what is hitting the blank, the Original police training grenade which has been around for years has the same operation also.

We have looked at ways to stop this (it would be possible to fit another pin halfway down the body) and spoken to players up and down the country to see if they required us to make changes, the answer was no and that they realise a BFG should be treated as live at all times.

We have not had one go off in peoples kit with a fall and to be honest we would be more worried about the amount of bone one would have to break to fall in such a way as to make this happen.
I run two on my kit and have been using them for over a year now, without incident, and I’ve got two left feet I’m always falling over.

It’s quite a complacent attitude – maybe it’s justified. We’re undecided but they gave a second reply to some more comments:

Guys, can we please get a bit of perspective here. The grenade works as intended as a distraction device, and in our eyes is safe to use. We spent a lot of time testing to make sure it detonates reliably, and we feel it does. During safety testing we focused on making sure the grenade was safe while in hand with the pin out, as you can see on the following video, no matter what we did, short of smashing the grenade into a wall, we could not get the grenade to detonate in our hand.

But unfortunately we missed this issue during development. When we were made aware of it a few months ago, we spent a fair bit of time trying to resolve it, prototyping a number of modifications, but we have not found one yet that we are happy with. The remaining ideas we have left to try, involve a redesign of the core firing mechanism – possibly making the BFG less sensitive and the added complexity will add a significant amount to the cost of each Shock.

When we released the Shock last year we were looking to provide ourselves and our friend’s access to a better priced BFG than anywhere else on the market. With the response we got from our initial production run we decided to release them to the wider airsoft audience, providing a product that works great as a grenade with the satisfying realistic pin pull. We have done this for a love of airsoft and not to make money, if we had been looking to make money from OhShiBoom we would have stopped months ago, as in truth it has not been worth it. But then the airsoft world would have lost some of the competition in the BFG market. We feel without us innovating, BFG’s in the UK would be in a much poorer state.

We pride ourselves on our price point, reliability and customer service. And as we said earlier we asked a number of people if they would rather have a cheaper device that was safe, but had to be handled responsibly. Or a more expensive device that required no care to use. The unanimous verdict was to keep it cheaper and unchanged.

From some of the comments written already on here, maybe we miss read the situation. Maybe users are looking for a device they don’t have to be responsible with, but will cost them more? But that is not we have been lead to believe thus far.

In closing we would like to repeat the following.

  • We feel our product is safe, and will not cause injury (unless it gets dropped on your head from a height),
  • If you drop a Shock with the pull pin still in it, landing a certain way, with enough force it may donate.
  • Any device with a live cartridge in should be treated responsibly, pull pin in or not.

We are not looking to hide from this, which is why we have not delete this thread.
We look forward to your comments.

Ed and Q

I’m glad this wasn’t a direct reply to anything I had said as I might have been slightly disheartened to think that my concern for safety is being confused with irresponsibility. We all have to sign waivers for each and every game which essentially removes all right to sue and blame others for injury or worse so I can only assume that if you are anything like me, you’ll like to be wholly assured that the devices you are using are completely safe.

Maybe we’re making mountains out of molehills – what do you think? If you’d like advice or any further information speak to the guys over at the Ohshiboom Facebook page as they are fairly active.