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| October 19, 2019

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Review ACM Fortis Shift Grip

Review: ACM Fortis Shift Grips
Dave Miller

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An excellent budget offering that's sure to turn heads

If there is a US manufacturer that stands above the rest for well thought out and unique looking accessories, it has to be Fortis, and of course the companies in the far east that supply us with clones of these accessories weren’t going to be far behind them.

Airsoft Deals were kind enough to provide us with a review sample of an ACM Fortis Shift Vertical Grip and an ACM Fortis Shift Short Angled Grip a while back, and sadly this review kind of slipped through the cracks, apologies to Airsoft Deals for the delay. That said, it does mean that I’ve been using one of these grips for the best part of six months, so this review definitely has more experience behind it than most.

So, what makes these grips different from the usual suspects? To start with it’s made from a solid aluminium alloy, I suspect via casting. Secondly, unlike the almost every other grip on the market (angled or vertical) it does not have to be slid onto the front or rear of the rail, meaning swapping and changing accessories is far far easier. The fact that they are metal does make them harder wearing, though I did notice back in April that the grip had a tendency to get very cold in the rain, which was a bit unpleasant. Call me a wuss, but I don’t do airsoft to get cold hands, and when you’ve been toting a rifle for 24 hours straight having numb fingers does start to drag.

DSC_0050The grips lock onto rails very very solidly, and don’t losen off at all which is excellent. The surface finish is a pleasing dark grey which is very resilient to wear – the photos of the short grip show the condition of the grip after several weekenders, plenty of mud and scrapes, and it certainly has stood the test of time. Curiously the long and short grips use different sizes of screws – personally I prefer the larger screws used on the short grip, they just seem to fit the design better, and sit lower – this could just be a batch issue though.

Having dispensed with “long” grips quite a while ago on my airsoft guns I was somewhat non-plussed as to what to do with the vertical grip – I ended up using it in exactly the same way as DSC_0049the short grip due to my preference for having my thumb parallel to the bore of the rifle. Attempting to use it like a traditional grip with the index finger running through recessed curve leads to the pinky hanging off the grip, and placing my middle finger in the recessed curve just didn’t feel comfortable for me, however it does still work excellently when used as an angled grip.

I have the short grip seated on a modular rail, and in some ways this does spoil the effect and the look, as the grip is designed to sit perfectly flush against the rail’s surface, however it still is highly effective. I particularly like the way the curved recess catches the back of the hand, making indexing your hand against the rifle incredibly easy. Another advantage of the low profile of the grip is that it is very easy to operate pressure pads and switches situated around your preferred thumb position, something which I feel this grip beats others on.

To conclude, the short grip is excellent. The vertical grip less so, but that is entirely down to personal preference. As always, here are a few more photos for you:

DSC_0052 DSC_0043 DSC_0054 DSC_0045 DSC_0053DSC_0051


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