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| May 25, 2020

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Review: APS UAR (Urban Assualt Rifle) -

Review: APS UAR (Urban Assualt Rifle)
Kieran Boardman

Make: APS
Model: UAR (Urban Assault Rifle)
FPS: 345/390fps
Materials: Full Polymer Upper and Lower Receiver with a Full Metal Barrel.
Mags: 200rnd (Includes Two Mags)
Price: £195/$250

The UAR was designed and built from the ground up by APS – there is no real steel variant of the UAR because it’s a completely unique platform and a good one at that too. Its design equates to a modern, ergonomic, ambidextrous bullpup assault rifle.

To get straight in there with the best bits; it’s actually shorter than a standard M4 carbine but its inner barrel is actually 2 inches longer! It’s fully ambidextrous which suits all of the lefties out there plus it’s that little bit easier to operate when using the other hand and arm. It features a Version 3 Gearbox with a very unique quick spring change feature and four forward located rails to suit all of your accessorising urges.

It comes complete with two 150 round mags and 2 springs. It depends entirely on your style but for some 300 rounds isn’t a great amount for a longer game. Currently as far as I can tell extra mags cannot be bought from the UK however having said this I believe there is a way to mod the mag well to fit M4 mags but none I have tried so far feed – hi-caps are the only ones I have tried to date.

The addition of the 2nd spring is an extremely nice feature. You simply push out a pin in the stock and the butt off the gun slides right out. Then you just need to grab an alan/hex key, twist, pull and voila – the spring’s out.

The gun chrono’s at around 345FPS with the lower spring and around 385-395FPS on the higher one, meaning that the gun can easily hold its own in CQB or woodland games.

Do note that this gun doesn’t come with sights of any kind; just a top rail so I would recommend some form of scope or iron sights, especially considering the fact that you cannot really afford to be firing tester shots when you only might only have 300 at any one point.

As mentioned above the UAR is fully ambidextrous. In fact maybe a little too ambidextrous! Three mag releases, fire selector on both sides and cocking handle can be swapped to either side, which are all pretty cool features

The gun has a very nice feel to it; with it nicely tucked into your body when aiming it would be great for CQB but due to the high FPS on this gun it can easily hold its own in woodland games too.

One final thing I will say is that the trigger pull is very long, I’m not sure what I make of that, as it’s relatively easy to fire a single shot in full auto but also fairly hard to rapid fire in semi, so it’s down to personal preference really.

Overall I’d say it’s a unique yet phenomenal gun and well worth the money.

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Considering it is uniquely designed for Airsoft and the fact that it's a great contender for CQB/Woodland/FIBUA type sites – it surely sits up high in its price bracket. Shame it doesn't at least come with iron sights though.