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| September 18, 2019

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Review: ASG (WinGun) Dan Wesson 6" -

Review: ASG (WinGun) Dan Wesson 6″
Dave Miller

Review Overview

Cold Weather Performance

Great Fun

An awesome gun, the Dan Wesson is fun, skirmishable in hot and cold, but is let down by it's lack of range.

I’ve had my eyes on this gun for a while now after letting off a couple of rounds on one at a skirmish, but it wasn’t until the power-down shells were more prevalent (and available in similar quantities to the non-power down shells) that I began to consider seriously buying one.

I popped down to JD Airsoft and bought the gun (low power version), 50 power down shells, four speedloaders, 3000 .3g bbs and 20 CO2 bulbs for just shy of 250 pounds in total.

The speedloaders unfortunately come with high power shells, although one of the staff at JD informed me that the next shipment of speedloaders that they receive will come with power down shells, and that in fact it would become almost impossible to obtain the high power shells in the uk, though I take this with a pinch of salt as you can readily buy the high power ones from air rifle shops.

On opening the box the sight of this gun really is quite something. The box is universal, so if you buy a puny 2″ barreled revolver or the (definitely overcompensating) 8″ barreled hand cannon you’ll get this box. It comes with 6 shells, a bottle of Goldfire BBs (those got dumped into the party mix bottle that is fuel for M203s), a 2″ long rail section that slots onto the top of the gun, and a speedloader.

This gun is a piece, it weighs over a kilogram, and feels incredible in the hand. There are a few very minor wobbles here and there, specifically in the barrel-body interface (two pins hold the barrel assembly into the gun) and the grip-body interface (a little too much play in the way this clips on). Electrical tape under the handgrip fixes one, DSC_0779DSC_0780and a shim of copper foil fixes the other one.

The surface finish is gorgeous – after 400 rounds fired there is a rather pretty wear pattern building up on the face of the cylinder as well. The gun has a serial number stamped onto the left side of the frame, and the right side sports the stock ASG “Cal, 6mm BB” markings which are the only visual let down on this gun. The front sight is molded into the barrel shroud, and features a painted white dot. The rear is fully adjustable, and is very good quality.

DSC_0783Installing a CO2 bulb is easy. The handle pulls back with ease, and the bulb screws down easily with the built in screw, and absolutely no leaks occurring.

Reloading this gun feels absolutely badass when your target shooting, and down-right terrifying when your actually skirmishing, mainly because it is not a quick process, even with the speedloaders. It certainly isn’t a gun for those who want it easy, it’s for the player who appreciates the constraints a limited ammo count brings, namely skill at arms and knowing which shots to take.

The gun is easy to shoot, with a firm and heavy double action trigger pull that feels almost two-stage, the trigger hauling the hammer back whilst rotating the cylinder being the first part, and the second being the remainder of the hammer draw. When pulled fast the draw is one smooth depression from start to finish.

DSC_0785Pull the hammer back by hand and you are rewarded with a satisfyingly loud click that will no doubt feature in a couple of sneaky beaky surrender kills in the future. The trigger pull in single action is short, stiff and very crisp. Of course, the gun is quite easy to twirl too, which is essential.

DSC_0788When gassed and loaded, the gun produces a satisfying crack, and an even louder one on the high power shells. When indoors it’s noticeable, but when your skirmishing in woodland it’s quiet enough that you can one-shot someone from 4m and they won’t know where it’s come from.DSC_0787

Onto the actual shooting performance: It chronos at 410-440 fps on the high power shells (that’s between 13C and 25C), and 210-260fps on the low power shells (same temperature range) – I chrono’d this gun both in JD airsoft and also when I took it skirmishing last week. Its worth noting that the first 15 shots or so off a CO2 bulb are significantly more powerful than the rest of the shots off the bulb, so it would be worth dry firing the first 20 shots off if your pushing the FPS close to your site limit. High power shells have a brown tip, and low power shells a golden one, making them very readily identifiable in the heat of battle.

With no hop unit range is not a big point of this gun, and the accuracy is average. Using heavier ammo makes absolutely no difference to effective range either (from a target shooting, not a scientific perspective). Saying that it was satisfying to skirmish, and half an hour in the garden gave me a feel for how high I should be aiming to make longer shots.

I used it solidly for the whole afternoon, and I only had to replace the CO2 bulb once, meaning it’s a rather efficient gun. I suspect that over the afternoon I fired 200 rounds or so through it, in addition to about 50-60 times in the morning, and I only had to change the bulb once, so gas efficiency is top notch.

DSC_0793DSC_0794That’s the gun reviewed, but I feel I should briefly cover the holster and the speedloaders.
The holster is nicely shaped, and comes in two sizes, one for the 2-4″ versions, and one for the 6-8″ versions. This is good, as it means the holster is an inch or so longer than the revolver, protecting the muzzle from mud/scratches. The strap got lost after an hour of skirmishing, which is dissapointing, and isn’t really designed to work with the revolver at all, which is a bit of a failure of design. Without the strap the revolver is fully rDSC_0795estrained though, DSC_0792which is good! I had to make a drop leg rig to hold the holster as unfortunately they only do them in belt and shoulder flavours.

The speedloaders work very well – inserting the shells into the cylinder is easy if done carefully, if it is forced then the lips of the shells can be damaged, however a press and quick twist back and forth and the shells are rapidly dropped into the gun. One last thing that has made this gun even cooler – you can store the shells in real ammo boxes for DSC_0796DSC_0797.357 magnum pistol rounds. I bought some MTM Case-Gard boxes for 3 quid each off ebay, and the result is nothing short of stunning.

To conclude – this gun is very very cool, and great fun to shoot. Being CO2 powered it will work in the cold, and it is very gas efficient. It looks stunning, its a challenge to reload/operate, but very rewarding when you get kills. It could do with having a slightly higher muzzle velocity, and a hop unit, and I have plans to make both of these a reality. If you enjoy a challenge and wielding something that will turn heads on the field, then this gun is definitely for you. You’ll also need to be able to deal with the penis extension jokes!