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| October 19, 2019

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Review: ASG Scorpion Evo 3a1 -

Review: ASG Scorpion Evo 3a1
Dave Miller

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A flawed diamond, this gun is incredibly fun to shoot, but is let down by finicky magazines.

If ever there was a gun that was ridiculously hyped up, this was it. Well, so is the GHK M4, but we’ll get to that when we get hold of one!!

My team – Shadow Stalkers Airsoft – were lent one of these rather shiny bits of kit by JD Airsoft to review, so naturally I took it out for a spin. Holy hell is it awesome.

My first impressions were of an incredibly solid, and very ergonomic gun. It looks stunning, and feels stunning. The mag catch and fire selector are ambidextrous, and the charging handle can be reversed. The bolt release doesn’t seem to be ambidextrous, and while that may not be an issue for most AEGs it could be on this one, as you have to hit the bolt release on fitting a fresh magazine every time.

I am told that the body of the gun pops out of exactly the same moulds as the real gun, and I could believe that. The gun is ridiculously well built, and remarkably features only one ASG trademark, and that is on the bottom of the magazine. Other than that all of the trades look as realistic as they could be. The body is a beautiful flat polymer, but sadly the finish is slightly let down by bolt release and the charging handle (both metal), which after a day’s heavy skirmishing were starting to show paint flakes.

To briefly talk about the internals, I wasn’t allowed to take the thing apart to scrutinise it, but the gun is very very DSC_0007quiet, and very crisp. Patrolbase have stripped one it looks pretty well made – their pre-production one was apparently not that well shimmed, and sounded quite squeaky, however the one I got to shoot was very quiet – probably not as quiet as patrol base’s rebuilt one at the end of the video, but not far off. You can see the video here.

One thing I did note on the internals is that the spring guide is accessible once you have folded the stock, making rapid changes at the start of a day very very easy to do.

Skirmishing this gun on an 11.1 lipo was a pleasure. It was deadly accurate, and the three round burst was a joy to shoot, however it did tend to eat through the 75 round magazines. DSC_0009Once a magazine runs out, the gun stops firing. You then drop the old magazine out, fit a new one, rack the charging handle and press the bolt release, readying the gun to fire again.

Hop is adjusted by the same process – pull the charging handle and the bolt locks to the rear. The hop is adjusted through the ejection port, and then the bolt sent forward by hitting the bolt release.

Given that the charging handle is an mp5 style one I feel that reloading/adjusting hop could have been designed better. By not locking the bolt automatically every time the cocking handle was pulled you could have introduced ‘HK slap’ reloads, bolt release reloads or straight charging handle reloads instead DSC_0005of the current slightly forced reload. This is a minor niggle though.

Sadly, there is one major complaint I have with this gun. The magazines are expensive for an AEG (around 15 quid each), and more than a little bit finicky. The BBs are retained by two sprung retainers – one to either side – that had a habit of releasing all of the ammo every time I tried to push the magazines into a pouch (be that an HSGI Taco or an SMG mag pouch). It took several attempts to get a full magazine into a pouch without spilling ammo everywhere. The little cam that stops the gun firing on an empty mag is also rather fragile looking – I can see that snapping off after a few heavy skirmishes. It’s important to
remember that a gun (real or airsoft) is useless if it’s magazines let it down, and I feel that sadly, they do let the rest of the gun down

In some of the photos I’ve taken you can see a carry case. Sadly this is xtra, but it is a very solid case that comes with pre-cut foam to hold the gun and a few magazines, as well as some magazine clamps.

So to conclude – would I buy one? Probably not, though that has more to do with my preference for gas guns over AEGs these days. It’s a very solid bit of kit that shoots very well, is very comfortable to use and looks stunning, but is let down by the magazines, on price and functionality. If they made a gas version (HINT HINT) I’d snap it up like a good curry! As always, there are a few more photos below for you to look at:

General Photos:








Charging Handle:


Charging handle slots:


Carry Case:



Magazines (Top front and Top back):