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| September 18, 2019

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Review : Cerberus Airsoft - The Works -

Review : Cerberus Airsoft – The Works
Mike Caulfield

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A fantastic site, with brilliant staff and plenty of potential! The site is a hearty mix of CQB and outdoor spaces for those flanking moves. Customer service is as always from Cerberus brilliant. All in all a good day, fantastic site and a great bunch of players and staff alike!

Looming out of the trees I catch sight of an abandoned factory with broken windows and graffiti, swiftly followed by the smell of bacon being cooked – lovely. I had arrived at Cerberus Airsoft’s new site The Works, an abandoned factory settled on the outskirts of Halifax. The site was originally a brick factory before being sold and then the owner going bankrupt after a series of suspicious fires. I like a site with a history!

After signing in and paying my fee (£30 for non-members) I tucked into the courtesy bacon sandwich and began to unpack my gear. The area that was designated the safe zone was indoors and had enough space for everybody and for CQB Airsoft to set up shop too. Also present were Leeds Airsoft with 10% discount for Cerberus members. The safety brief started just before 10 am, a through and comprehensive brief of the rules for the day and left nothing out. Specific rules included single shot in buildings and when firing into buildings and no Pyro or BFGs. The site itself consists of 4 large warehouses that have internal divides as well as numerous outlying out buildings.

The first game’s objective was to find playing cards hidden around the site and return them to each teams base, this meant both teams trying to explore the whole of the site while fending off the opposing side. This game went on till lunch where Cerberus treat every player to hearty lunch of pies which is fantastic for all those who like a decent meal. After lunch we had to find and hold the opposing team’s remaining cards while they hunted for them. A few more attack and defend games and EndEx was called.

In conclusion, I was impressed with Cerberus’s new site and as usual their customer service is top notch, throw in a hearty meal during the lunch break and all the tea, coffee and pop you can drink. While not exclusively an indoor venue it is more of a CQB venue than most but with a mix of outdoor action too, so something for all tastes. My only feedback for Cerberus would that with 102 players in the morning , the site was a little small for that amount of players creating a difficult to break stalemate especially without Pyro or BFGs. The afternoon games with about 80 players ran smoother with a bit more ebb and flow between sides. All said a good day and a fantastic site with plenty of potential.