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| October 19, 2019

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Make: WE

FPS: 295-/+ with .20s and ASG Ultrair Gas.

Construction: Metal where it is on the real thing, and plastic grips.

Magazines: Hold 22 rounds maximum and is a double-stack configuration. The usage of CO2 mags will require some parts to be upgraded.

Price: At £95, it is one of the cheapest full metal GBBPs on the market. The price however says nothing about the quality of the pistol. The build quality of the externals is outstanding and could compete with pistols of higher price ranges.

This WE pistol is designed to replicate the East German made P226. With it’s grey finish, it would be a good alternative for collectors who don’t want to pay upwards of £500 for a deactivated firearm. The P226 is really what put Sig Arms on the map. Its outstanding reliability, durability and accuracy is transferred in some areas onto this Airsoft replica.

I have had this pistol for 9 months now, and never has it misfed, short-stroked or even frozen. The cool-down effect is very minimal with this particular piece. It has always locked open on the last shot fired, even with it’s realistically strong recoil spring which also gives it a nice bit of kick.It has enough recoil as to force the user to actually have to re-align the sights after each shot. On the topic of sights, the WE F226 utilises a 3-dot system and are not fibre-optic. Should you want different sights, though, they are replaceable via screws on the top of the slide. This will require some disassembly that not every Airsofter will feel comfortable undergoing.

In my personal opinion, WE is the middle class of the GBB world. Nothing too bad, nothing too special. This pistol is no exception. When it comes to accuracy, it is good enough for a sidearm for when things get up close. The stock barrel isn’t a tightbore and the hop-up unit isn’t exactly the best therefore I wouldn’t recommend this as a primary for those of you who like to go ‘pistol only’.

On to drawbacks – Like the real Sig, there is no manual safety. This isn’t really a problem as it is designed to be loaded and de-cocked via the de-cocking lever on the left hand side of the pistol. This puts the hammer in the half-cocked position, giving the user a heavier trigger pull. The problem is that it does not take a lot of pressure to push the hammer all the way forward which could result in an accidental discharge.

The pistol has ‘9mm Para’ engraved into the chamber, short for ‘9mm Parabellum’ which is the round fired by the real equivalent. It also has ‘SEAL Team Six’ moulded into the right grip, seeing as it is used by the SEALs. I must say, seeing these markings on WE pistols is a great bonus. It’s nice that they haven’t gone over the top with trademarks. There are no Sig Sauer trademarks due to the fact that this is not a licensed product. This is not a big deal as they generally rub off anyway.

Thanks for reading my review of the WE F226.

– Dei Owen


Review Overview

Bang for Buck


A great pistol for both beginners and experienced players due to the fact that it is priced just right and is built like a tank.