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| August 24, 2019

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Speed Interview: Ross @ WE Europe -

Speed Interview: Ross @ WE Europe
Leon Roy

We managed to speak to Ross @ WE Airsoft Europe for a few minutes to squeeze a little information and insight out of him.

Ross, thanks for giving us some of your time – I do have a lot of questions so I should just dive straight into it. Can I haz katana gun plz!!!1?? “Yes.  I will direct you to a WE Europe reseller!”

“Fine…” It was worth a try. I actually wanted to know a little more about the Katana system – I had read elsewhere that it had received some fairly negative feedback from a certain well known magazine but the problem being was that the particular items reviewed were actually ‘beta’ development models that were specifically for the Taiwanese market and as such, naturally had a few issues. So I continued and asked; as with any hobby whos community resides online; there are a great deal of self-confessed experts. How would you respond to the criticism that the Katana gearboxes are a great idea but weren’t executed as well as they could have been?

“I believe that with any great idea will come certain bugs that need to be ironed out. I have a lot of experience in the Airsoft world and especially in the technical side of things. The WE Katana system is a fantastic system and the more people use it the more they will begin to understand the nature of the platform and the amazing things that can be done with it.” Naturally I started to think about the implications of such a system while at a skirmish day – you could essentially drop in a plug and play MOSFET to keep it to single fire mode only, up the power and use it as a DMR. Quite clever really.

Regarding WE’s decision to open a European office in the UK; what was the aim behind that move? Was it purely down to logistics – trying to minimise shipping times for retailers or is there more to it? “WE Airsoft Europe is the official European division based in the United Kingdom, the aim of WE Europe is to provide a dedicated service channel complete with physical stock here in Europe. This means that not only is WE now offering fantastic product; it comes complete with unprecedented backup and spare part support – right here in Europe!” To us mere mortal that means retailers can stock back up much quicker! Ross continues “As the first manufacturer to set up a European division WE can now focus on its clients within the EU and surrounding regions directly with locally based stock holding and a service centre; we can assure our existing and new clients will be served in the most efficient and professional manner.” All in all, members of the EU or the surrounding supported regions will receive more bang for their buck. We hope all other major airsoft gun manufacturers will follow suit too.

Focussing back on weapons again, is there anything we can be looking forward to soon? “Yes of course!” [Ross goes silent] Oh no details… no? Oh okay well how about this – we have three weapons of interest to mention; GBB P90, MP5 and AUG – what you guys really up to? “Many things…” [Ross goes silent again] Obviously Ross is being purposely secretive here. I have personally worked for a certain globally recognised tech based company before and have also been subject to keeping my mouth shut about everything until the PR/Marketing team make a big show of it – as frustrating as it is, I know it’s not easy.

You’ve got a bit of a Facebook promotion going on at the moment – what goodies are you giving away? “Once we hit one thousand likes we will be giving away a shirt and patch and more will follow – get liking!” So there you have it. You’ve got to be in it to win it. Head on over to WE Airsoft Europe’s Facebook page here.