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| October 19, 2019

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TUTORIAL: Giving your engravings a makeover -

TUTORIAL: Giving your engravings a makeover
Leon Roy

While this method is not new, it certainly illustrates what can be achieved and in this case I would certainly say that it looks pretty damn sweet.

This tutorial was affectionately named “How to make shit colourful” by reddit user g852grant of which we have to thank for the awesome photos and direction.


Get yourself some decent Crayons. White Crayons are harder to come by with most sets so an Arts and Crafts store may be your best bet. True Operators rock Crayola as they’re a solid choice although private security and tactical target shooters (see: Chris Coastguard or Instructor Hero) that have more pocket go for custom paraffin crayons refined from oil-based firearm lubricant manufacturing processes.



You’ll also need a source of fire, and while the Bear Grylls types will prefer a flint and steel; a Lighter will suffice but a blow torch will be way more cool. You will also need a cloth or something similar to wipe off excess wax. We decided to use the shemaghs of fallen terrorists.


This should only be attempted on metal slides, receivers and such. While it’s not impossible to do to polycarbonates and plastics we don’t recommend heating them up at all.

First things, first.

You are going to need something with engravings to put these steps into effect. This example will be using a M&P9 but you can use anything as equally ally. The deeper the engravings, the better.

1 - Before


Heating the Wax up

Don’t actually heat the wax directly; rather use the metal slide or receiver to your advantage and heat the area of which you are planning to apply the wax. Aluminium will heat quicker than other metals such as steel because it’s softer–with that in mind you need to heat it to a temperature that won’t melt your fingers to the surface–but heat it just hot enough to melt the wax when you press the crayon on the desired area. Test on an inconspicuous flat area if unsure.

2 - 1 Heat that shit up


Applying the Wax

Essentially draw it on and melt it entirely over the engraved area. Go wild – have the time of your life and relive your childhood.

3 - 2 Melt that shit on


Time to clean up your childhood reminiscence

After around 15-20 seconds of the wax setting, use a cloth, tea towel, thick paper towel, the cuff of your hoody – it really doesn’t matter all that much. Try to smile, we understand that the majority hate to clean up.
4 - 3 Wipe that shit off


Marvel in your excellence

It’s now glaringly evident that your efforts have gained you elite status and it’s required you gloat in the presence of the inadequate humans you surround yourself with. You’re a essentially a gunsmith now and it’s only fair you let everyone know and scoul whilst ‘pffft-ing’ in the faces of those who compliment your work on the field.

6 - Its fucking beautiful
8 - 9QEt6SS

All photo and tutorial credit, along with our thanks goes to g852grant over at Reddit, /r/Airsoft.