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| October 19, 2019

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Why Using High Caps Is Bad For Your Health

Why Using High Caps Is Bad For Your Health
Ed Hotchkiss

So the point of contention. Mags that hold 200+ BBs vs mags that hold the real amount that the weapon in question would hold.

High caps are good for a handful of reasons:

– They hold more ammo! Duh.
– You don’t need a lot of them to play a game.
– You don’t need any rigging or equipment for carrying magazines, as one spare in a back pocket will be good enough.
– You don’t need any special additional things in order to reload them, speed loader not required.
– They’re easier, and faster to reload.
– They remove that element of game play – you don’t need to worry about your ammo count, ‘cos you know you’ve got a lot.
– If you’re unsure, you can just shake your mag to know how much ammo is left.
– No need to reload as often, an action which leaves you defenceless.
– They’re cheaper! You don’t need 6+ of them, or a rig to carry them.

So what about real caps?

– They’re more realistic

Their corner sounds harder to fight, but I’m going to try.

When I got into airsoft, it was for the realism. I played paintball a handful of times, and it was fun. But I didn’t want to keep going… Largely for the cost… But I think if it’d appealed to me more, if it’d been more realistic, I might’ve left that paintball site with a much bigger need to come back a lot sooner.

That said, high caps are inherently unrealistic, having that many shots per mag has always been a factor that’s turned me away from them.
My conscious choice to handicap myself by using realistic capacity magazines is one for game play. It adds stresses and strains to your game. You have to count your shots, you have to carry more weight. You have to think things through. You have to be aware.

Reloads can change the pace of a battle. You wait for the lapse in fire to make your move, they add another element to the tactics. You can bait people into firing at you more, so they’ll need to reload sooner, giving you a window. You can use the enemy’s ammo as a weapon.

With high caps there is no lapse in fire, if you get pinned by a high cap, you’re going to be pinned for a long time. I would argue that high caps require a lot less skill to use effectively and I think many would struggle to argue against that notion. When you have that much ammo, it’s a lot easier to hose areas down than play effectively with proper tactics. Even high cap users that use semi only – that’s no better. In fact it means they take longer to get through all their ammo, so the time before they need to reload becomes even longer, making it even harder for anyone else to make a move on them.

Obviously there are other ways to beat high caps, flanking, superior numbers, being a better shot, luck etc etc and those things are what we have to rely on when we go against high cap users. Even people who use high caps have to rely on those other tactics. But them having so much ammo is a point of contention against anyone without that amount of ammo to throw back.

The playing field stops being level. Which isn’t bad or wrong, but as someone who plays the game for the realism, it does knock it all back a few notches for me.

The pace of the game would pick up significantly if instead of being fired at for 5 minutes with a 400 round high cap, you get fired at for 1 minute with a 30 rounder. The wait before you can make your move is a lot shorter, you can duck and weave to make them miss, force a reload sooner. You also stand a better chance of crossing open ground, because instead of just firing full auto in a laser beam across your path, learning to lead your targets is important, because your enemy can’t afford to blast 30 rounds on air. Wasting a mag hoping you’ll get hit by their laser of shots is a big risk, what if you run around and blast them on a reload?

I’m not saying high cap users are bad, or can’t play tactically. But if they changed to mids or lows, they wouldn’t be able to play the same way. Having more ammo to use means you use it. You can’t help it. I’ve been there and done it. When I first got my AK, I thought “Oh well I’m used to 30 rounds, these two 600 rounders are going to last me ages!”
All it meant was that 1200 rounds lasted me a single 40 minute game, instead of 2 game days… I got 42 kills out of it, which by the same token would usually take me 2 game days as well, but still.

It’s like a bad habit you pick up immediately. I don’t mean this to come across as a boast, but whenever I’ve played a game using high caps I’ve always felt like I’ve wrecked face, to me it feels liberating not having to worry about your ammo count or current mag count, it takes a lot of stress out of the situation, so you can apply all your concentration to the game.

I can understand why people would want to avoid that stress, but it’s where I get my kicks. I wonder whether people just assume they won’t like it and avoid it, instead of giving it a try. I play the game for the stress of being in a tough spot and having to think myself out of it, it makes it an adrenaline sport. Imagine your most intense ever moment of airsoft. Then imagine how much more your heart would’ve been racing if you’d also had to have your mind on your ammo count. It sounds like a bad kind of stress, but it’s exhilarating when you pull off epic hollywood shit, knowing if you’d gone wrong, you’d have run dry and been sawn up.

You learn to be a better player by adjusting yourself to avoid things going wrong. For example, I had to seriously consider where to place my mags, pistol and grenade, because I have to be able to get to them quickly and easily when my rifle locks the bolt on an empty mag. I shit my pants and need to know where my next weapon is, and I need it 30 seconds ago. Speed and ease is everything.

When things go wrong, you learn from it and then you compensate to avoid it happening again. One compensation of mine was the above, reorganising where my back up weapon and grenade were located.

When you run a gas gun, or low cap mags, things go wrong a lot more often… You misjudge how much ammo is left, you open up on a group of 3 guys and your bolt locks after the 2nd shot. Shitballs. You’re dead. So next time, you check your mag before you go in, if you can’t see your ammo, you do a quick tactical reload, store the mag somewhere you can come back to it if your others run dry. Ammo management. It makes you feel badass.

I do honestly think real caps make you learn faster. They don’t make you better, you are giving an advantage to any enemy not running them as well, but they teach you things you’d take a lot longer to discover if you never have to deal with reloading in a tight spot.

I like the challenge of dealing with reloads. Plus, reloading = lots of awesome, manly, metal on metal noises. I can’t believe anyone would willingly use magazines that would mean that happens less often

High caps have their times and places, but I tend to only use them when I’m using a gun for the first time, before I’ve had the chance to sort out any mids for it, or a way of carrying them.

They’re also great for people on a budget, or those who are just starting out. I have nothing against people who use them, I just choose not to, personally.

Your Health In Mind

Given the fact that using real caps is positively more fun than using high caps; it means you’ll be having a better time which has been scientifically proven to heighten your sense of enjoyment which can increase your lifespan anywhere between a month and a few minutes on average.