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| August 24, 2019

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Youtube: Bullet4MyEnemy -

Kieran Boardman

OK, so this is a bit of a diversion from the usual but I thought we should feature Bullet4MyEnemy; a thriving new Airsoft channel on YouTube.

Now when looking through his videos you will see that he displays a wide range of different game types, often taking the time to explain them at the beginning of the tap, be it by voice commentary or text. Similarly the videos are based in a variety of different maps which means you get a flavour of everything!

One thing you will notice in his videos is that there is just the right amount of build up between hits; your not sat there for 20 minutes waiting for a kill, nor are you seeing 10 kills every 30 seconds, theres a perfect balance between being too fast paced and too slow.

In the same way you get a variety of action from the videos. You won’t be sat watching him take potshots from 100 yards away all the time and you won’t always see him charging in and being lit up. There’s a range of action from grenades to pistol kills and longshots.

Finally his videos aren’t based soley around kills and fighting. We recently saw a video where he brought the sportsmanship and light-hearted side of the game into the equation at the end of the video. It is good to see that someone is demonstrating that sometimes there is more to Airsoft than just fighting.

Head over to His Channel and check our his videos; give him a sub if you want to see more! We will certainly be featuring his videos from here on in.